Sunday, 14 February 2010

English girl in France

Hi, my name is lulu, I live in France with my 2 brothers and my mum and dad. I have lived here since i was 1 year old. These are my stories of what it's like to be an English and being brought up in France. If there are any spelling mistakes in my posts, sorry, but please let me know.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

life at my school, is an adventure

At school the other day, one of the boys got really cross with somebody, that he kiked him!
The boy who was guetting hurt, was liying on the floor crying, and then the other boy got all nicy-nicy and tryed to help him up, the other one did not want him to go anywhere near him so he insulted him! So the other boy got eaven angrier! And kiked him so hard that everybody heard it!! But as all the older children were there and they didn't want there friend guetting hurt, they picked the angry boy up trying to controle him, and the girls brang the hurt boy to the nurse right away! But that wasn't the end of it! He hurt 2 other children that day to! and the next day( yesterday) He got cross with someone again and he picked him up from his jumper fretening him, then punched the other boy in the chest and ran of! And all the teachers ran arfter him! Evean our head-mistriss!!! we were all laughing but then we waiteduntil they went and then there was a big silence... And ten when they were gone, everybody went"yYay victory is opurs!!! He is gone!!!!!!" ( since there was us and the older ones!) But and then we saw him come back with all the teachers! and everybody went "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
Why did he come back!!!!"
and It was so funny because everybody fell to the floor and pretended to cry!! But the worst thing is that he still isn't expelled!!!!!!

Monday, 23 February 2009

New English girl at school

Hi, today was our first day back at school arfter the holidays. There was a new girl there.
She is English and her name is Amy. She doesn't really know how to say anything much in French a part from yes and noand some other words. But when ever she talks to some one she always says it in English because she can't say it in French.It was a bit embarrassing for her to be the only one who can't speak French in the school. Out of the (about) 250 children the school!
So one of my English friends Elodie, helps her! But she is ok, because she misses some of her classes to show her around and to help her!lol!!LOL!!
But she is doing ok for now but some of the older ones could make fun of her because even if they said it in front of her, well she wouln't understand!! and that is kind of sad!! :(!!!
But some of them do try and speak English to her, but they aren't very good!!
Like one of them today said to her:" Good morning!" To her in the afternoon!lol!!LOL!!!
but she is doing fine!!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

It's cool living in France. The language is very easy to learn. But one of my teachers says that English is easier than French. but I think that they are both the same really! if anybody needs any information that anyone needs, please, don't be shy and leave a coment asking what ever you want about "Life in France".

Monday, 16 February 2009

Today, there's not much to say really..... It's sunny but it's cold,no snow!!:(:(
....Nothing to say...........In France I remember that when we were small and like i said in other posts, that we lived in St Mathieu De Treviers. Well in the summer it was about 40° to 45° out side in the day time. But in the night time it was 30°+ in our house. We lived in a litle shop with a little house next to it. The shop was open 24/7, And it was so hot one day that I was playing out side with my twin brother, then my mum comes and says that it is to hot to be ou side, even in the shade!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

my other poeme

This is my other poem but this one is in English, and i made it for my mum and dad 1 year ago.



When i see your eyes,

I want to give you a cuddle!

No other person makes me feel that way!
When it is sunny May

I see your eyes twinkle in the sun,

When it snows in December
I see through he snow as if you were a member
All this i can see in your eyes,
In your nice, blue and green eyes.

my poème

This is a poème that i made(it is in french by the way!!) : 2008


Elle arrive au collège,
Mais personne ne l'aime.
tous le monde la regarde,
Quand elle rentre dans la cour toute seul.
En classe, quand il faut se mettre a trois ou a deux,
Tous le monde l'a dit: "désolé, mais je suis avec eux.
Personne veut la parler,
Personne veut la regarder.
Ses yeux bleues brillent quand elle pleure,
Mais personne va la consoler.
A la fin de l'année , elle change de collège,
Mais personne est dessus,
Car personne ne l'aime.